Summary of 2022 in BHC

January 12, 2023

Year 2022 at BHC AS

BHC’s turnover in 2022 was €4.5MM (+36.3% vs 2021) and 40545 cylinders (+1788 units vs 2021) were produced. We have 34 full professionals working with us. We found new customers in new markets (Germany, Sweden) and began a cooperation with a high potential Finnish agricultural sector company.

The technology upgrade was according to the plan: a new Toyota SHE100 stacker, a Gardner and Denver air compressor and a TWP-505 twin-spindle machine were purchased. In connection with the addition of Ohra branch shelves, the shelf space for material storage increased by 125 m2. Also, the ventilation system of the welding department was upgraded.

We started preparations of projection and construction works for the new painting chamber and for that reason, the production area is growing 550m2 . The new painting chamber also provides more economical production and better final quality in painting.

In parallel with the extension, the Enterprise Estonia’s digital transition support for Enterprises was started. As a result, the entire production process will be fully digitized and the hardware related to production will be updated.

It was a busy and the most successful year in the company’s history.

-Kait Lukka, CEO

BHC's empolyees with their families at summer days in July.