Summary of 2021 in BHC AS

January 21, 2022

2021 started with a pleasant recognition from financial newspaper Äripäev. BHC got nominated for the second time (previous nomination in 2014) in Äripäev’s Gazelle contest. Companies nominated there have increased revenue and profit at least 50% in 3 years.

The sales revenue was ca €3,3 million and 34 people were working in the company.

At the beginning of the year, we fully switched to the new production software NOOM and the first half of the year went by introducing and adapting the software. Today, production planning, production monitoring and sales planning are working superbly and the program helps BHC to monitor the requirements of our own MMO quality program.

Investing in machinery continued as we planned and in the first half of the year we bought new CNC Puma GT2600LM. This machine enables to speed up the intermediate processing of piston rods and tubes. In the final days of 2021, a new cylinder parts washer Contino Cylinder BS1, was installed. It has increased the amount of washable parts almost 60%, while also improving the quality of the process.

In 2021, a total number of 38757 cylinders were produced with exceptionally low complaints ratio by product (0,39%). We maintained good relationships with our regular customers and also made contacts with new ones. In the strategic development plan made in 2017, BHC set a goal to increase revenue to €5,3 million by year 2025 and in 2021 we successfully stayed on schedule. We started mapping new target customers and also started negotiations with companies in Nordic agricultural sector. In this sector we see high growth potential in the upcoming years.

– Kait Lukka, CEO