Changes in Welding Workshop

June 30, 2021

At the end of 2020, we started a transition to replace our welding workshop with Fronius welding
machines. In January 2021, we installed the last welding machine. Kait Lukka (CEO): ’’Since 2018, we
have knowingly and systematically developed all the BHC’s procedures, keeping in mind our own
MMO™’s (Mining, Marine and Offshore) production standard requirements and maximum
digitalization of production. ’’
At the moment, Baltic Hydraulic Cylinders (BHC) has 5 TPS 320I C Pulse/4R/FSC welding machines
from Fronius. One of them is robotic welding. Traceabilty is quaranteed by Fronius WeldCube
documentation and data analysis software.
All the Fronius welding machines record the value of every welded joints like:
1. Number of the welded joint
2. Date and time of the beginning of welding
3. Time spent for welded joint
4. Electric current- A
5. Voltage- V
6. Wire feed speed- m/min
7. Electric power- W
8. Electrical enery- kJ
Collecting data like that helps to assure WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) – traceability and
rightness of the welding procedure values.