BHC is a Gazelle again

December 6, 2023

BHC was recognized with Äripäev’s Gazelle title for the fourth time. Äripäev’s ranking of rapidly developing companies, or Gazelle’s TOP, has been published for 24 years in a row. The Gazelle movement values fast-growing companies in the knowledge that they create the most new jobs in every country, are flexible, fast and courageous. Gazelle is a rapidly growing company that has grown its turnover and profit by at least 50% in the last three years. Source:

Our CEO Kait Lukka: “BHC is in this year’s Gazelle TOP thanks to the consistent effort of the entire team. Reaching the ranking for the fourth time in 12 years also shows the trust of our customers in the service we provide, on-time deliveries and the MMO production standard that meets high quality requirements.”

BHC Äripäev Gazelle contest diploma